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Pack Power into Your Business

Every business owner wants a brand name with power, with gravitas. Nike. Coca-Cola. Wal-Mart. These seemingly nonsensical names are among the most recognizable and valuable brands in the world. Do these brands have an 800 number associated with them? No. However, your business is about direct sales. Your business is about products and services. You’re building. Your’re growing. Whether you’re local or national, custom 800 numbers help you pack power into your business learn this here now. 

The Power of Simplicity

Steve Jobs attributes much of his success, and much of the Apple brand, to simplicity. The greatest task a business leader has is taking a complex item and making it simple and easy for consumers to… well, consume. Fewer saleable products on the marketplace are more complex than computers. However, Steve Jobs took these complex devices and made them simple and easy for consumers to understand. The result was a multibillion dollar powerhouse. Toll free numbers are an easy way to do the same, transforming your product or service into a simple seven letter banner for your product or service.

The Power of Accessibility

Custom 800 numbers make your business accessible. Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales managers do not realize that custom phone numbers vanity phone numbers are not necessarily national numbers. 800 numbers can benefit local businesses, accessible only to callers from a local area code. In this manner, phonewords help local businesses establish a local brand—no small feat in this age of Internet-centric marketing.

The Power of Your Brand

 In many cases, the value of custom 800 numbers is the power it adds to the brand as a whole. In associating your business with an easy to remember number, you add power to the name of your business. Consumers effortlessly associate your business with their need, removing boundaries between you, your consumers, and their wallets. Add power to your brand with vanity numbers.

The Power of You

 800 numbers pack power into you—your own business identity. When you commit to a business, you are the brand. When you grow your brand with a vanity number, that number might become your storefront. Having a tollfree number that defines your business is a tremendous confidence booster, packing power into your resolve for success.

It’s the power of simplicity, the power of accessibility. It’s power to your brand, and power to you. Pack power into your business with custom 800 numbers.

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Toll Free Numbers Are The Brand

By now, you have no doubt read specifics and statistics on how personal 800 numbers take your brand, and by default your business, to the next level in terms of brand awareness, potential sales, and client base. You know that 800 vanity numbers can grow local businesses as well as national businesses, providing a geographically close client base with a convenient custom number. What you may not realize is the branding power of a phoneword. These simple tools can transform your business: Put simply, toll free numbers are the brand.

Memory and Your Brand

 Personal 800 numbers add a remarkable element of simplicity to your brand. A great custom number is simple and memorable. A title like Orkin Pest Control Services becomes 1-800-800-ORKIN buy generic clomid. One of the largest hotel chains in the country, Holiday Inn Hotels, becomes 1-800-HOLIDAY. Simplicity is power. Your brand demographic expands. Those seven letters make you memorable across a huge range of cognitive levels, from ages seven to seventy-nine.

Likability and Your Brand

 Business leaders often underestimate how simplicity and likability are linked. It goes back to the children’s shows we watched when we were very young. We like it when things are simple and easy to understand. We like it when we’re not confused. We like it when information is simple, direct, and to the point. Put simply, if there is a brand out there that sticks, it is a simple brand. Consumers know what they want: lawns mowed, pools cleaned, food delivered, televisions fixed. Make it easy for them to get to you. Your customers will like you for it.

Clarity and Your Brand

All of us have sat on the phone twiddling our thumbs as that one friend refuses to do the one thing that will end the conversation and allow you to get on with your life: get to the point. Personal 800 numbers provide the clarity your business needs to establish instant understanding between consumer and seller. Your customers will know and understand instantly what you have to offer, regardless of your personality, regardless of your graphic design quality, regardless of any other aesthetic distance between you and your customer.

Memory. Likability. Clarity. Purchasing personal 800 numbers is like giving a gift to your customers. It gets your brand in their minds. It helps ingratiate your business with your customers. It establishes clarity and understanding in a flash. Select your custom vanity number today and elevate your brand.

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855 tollfree prefix…it ain’t all that

When the worldwide standard for phone numbers moved forward in the 1960s, everybody knew there were only so many combinations available. Then, when the 800 toll free number was introduced, businesses jumped. The idea of a toll free long distance phone call was unique. Businesses bought up 800 numbers in droves, customizing them according to the keypad alphabet, making them memorable to customers. The most famous example, 1-800-FLOWERS, took a local industry and sold it nationwide, often at a higher price point, with astounding success.

 Oops… We Ran Out

 While consumers eventually associated the 800 number with toll free business calling, too many businesses demanded more and more good tollfree numbers. Put simply, the NASC, which distributes phone numbers, ran out of useful, memorable toll free digit combinations with the 800 prefix. In order to continue offering US businesses the custom numbers they want, new codes were introduced: 888, 877, 866, and now 855. Since the 855 prefix is brand new (it is just over a year old), consumer awareness of this exciting new prefix is low. So companies should think twice before moving too fast to get a custom 855 vanity number that reflects their business. Why? Because no matter how prominent you make the “855” portion of the number, many consumers will still dial 800 out of habit. You can actually expect to lose 40-50% of your calls to people dialing 800. So what’s the answer? First seek out a reputable company that provides great 800 versions to multiple businesses using shared-use. Tele-Name Communications (http://www.telename.com) is one of those companies and they have been a leader in the shared-use vanity marketing industry for 20 years now. You can probably get an 800 number for a lot less then you might imagine.

What’s the Difference Between 855 and Any Other Toll Free Number?

Although an 855 number works exactly the same as 800, 888, 877, and 866: it is a toll free prefix, allowing dialers to make a toll free phone call, the fact that no one is familiar with 855, it is sort of the “.tv” of tollfree numbers. You see it now and then, but it is far from the standard “.com” or in the case of tollfree, “800”

Shared-Use makes toll free prefixes have a hidden advantage that many businesses are not aware of: toll free numbers that can be used in local marketing. That means you can purchase 1-800-PAYCHECK in your local area without worrying that you will receive calls from another time zone. You select the region you want to get calls from and a shared-use company such as Tele-Name will set up and manage the routing of the calls for you.

As the market begins to recognize the new 855 numbers, organizations are committed to selling as many as possible. However, this may not be the best option for the entrepreneur or business owner that wants to maximize the brand awareness potential offered by a toll free number why not find out more. The 855 prefix still retains disadvantages that businesses should be aware of. So consider our advice and try to land an 800 or at least an 888 version before resorting to 855, 866 or even 877.

Do Consumers Trust 855 Numbers?

Studies suggest that the 800 number is still and probably always will be the go-to number for toll free calls in the United States, especially in older demographics. The 800 number simply stands as an American symbol of toll free calling. Very few 800 numbers are now available. However, they are a precious commodity, and add stellar value and awareness to any locally or nationally listed business. If you want a vanity or custom phone number for your business, your best results will come through acquiring the rights to a number with an 800 prefix. To build brand awareness and get your business phone number stuck in your customers’ minds, purchase an 800 number.

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Brand Advertising: How to Choose a Vanity Number


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